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President's Message

Dear WATA members, volunteers and all Telugu friends,

On behalf of the past and present WATA committees, I take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support, time and energy over the years. With your positive support, WATA has progressed in right direction and various committees could organise fantastic events and helped the community.

I also thank you for the trust and confidence bestowed on me and for the opportunity to serve Telugu community in Perth (till term ending June 2016).

What can you expect from your new President and the Committee?

1) Membership: Members are the pillars of any association. Many Telugu families migrated in the last few years and are looking for a platform to join Telugu community. WATA has one of the simplest and most exciting membership options, and the lifetime membership is $125 only (No annual fees). Let us make everyone aware of the membership advantages and invite more members into WATA family.

2) Opportunity for everyone: If you have passion and time, want to offer positive contribution to the community, you can expect plenty of opportunities in the near future. Either to be part of new EC team/ subcommittees or volunteer for a specific event/ activity.

3) United Telugu community: Let us continue to work towards united Telugu community, cooperate and coordinate with TAP.

4) Major events: WATA will keep working towards organising major cultural events like Deepavali, Ugadi and religious and sport events.

5) Telugu Badi: Teaching Telugu to next generation is one of the major contributors in keeping up our language. Conducting Telugu classes need much more support and passionate and dedicated members on long term basis.

6) Telugu Radio: If you are excited about it, there is an opportunity to start Telugu radio programs in Perth.

7) Meeting place for PerthTeluguWAru: Regular meeting place for all PerthTeluguWAru would help to socialize and share ideas. This is an important platform for all the new migrants. We used to meet at Canning Vale temple earlier and it lost its luster slowly. So, there is an opportunity for improvement.

How can you make a difference in the community?

1) Positive support: Keep continuing your positive support to WATA. It is the drive behind all successful functions.

2) Join more members: Spread the message and encourage families and friends to become WATA members (Membership Form is attached).

3) Come forward: Look for opportunities and take-up a suitable role, either it could be a part of EC team or a subcommittee or volunteering. No contribution is too small.

4) Look for sponsorships: In addition to passionate volunteers, WATA has grown to this level because of grants and sponsorships. Try your best and look for sponsorships all around you (Sponsorship package is attached).

Your EC team is forming many subcommittees in the next few weeks, and WATA AGM and Elections are scheduled on Aug 2nd, 2015. This is the time for you to raise your hand.

For any suggestions, please contact me on 0437 272 174 or any of your EC members. Looking forward to working with you on my new role.

Yours sincerely,

Shyam Ambati


Western Australia Telugu Association Inc.



Notice of WATA AGM and Elections 2015

Dear WATA members,


Please find below an invitation to WATA AGM and Elections 2015 along with related documents. The AGM will be held on Sunday the 2nd August 2015 at Amherst Village Function Centre, Corner of Warton Road and Holmes Street, Southern River.

9:30 Am followed by lunch. Please find the documents below

Notice of the AGM 2015 and Agenda - File "WATA Notice of AGM and Agenda 2015.pdf"
Notice of Elections - File "WATA Notice of Elections in AGM 2015.pdf"
Nomination Form - File "WATA Election Nomination Form 2015.pdf"

WATA invites all members to attend the AGM to be able to participate in the Elections and provide their valuable suggestions. Please note that both the main applicant and spouse are members of WATA bear one vote each. Hence, I request all the members to attend this important event with your spouse.

Every effort has been taken care for this notice to reach all members of WATA as per their latest email address in the WATA register. You can also find this information on WATA’s website However, if you are aware of any of the members that have not received this mail, please feel free to either forward this mail or request them to contact the undersigned at

Important Notes:

i. The quorum for this Anuual General Meeting is either the (physical) presence of 51% of the members entitled to vote or 50 members, whichever is lower.

ii. All nomination forms (completed in all respects) must reach either by hand or through post to the Election Officer: Mr. Jayanth Keshavamurthy 250B Kew Street, Kewdale 6105 by NOT LATER THAN 5:00 PM (Perth Local Time) on Sunday the 26th July 2015.

iii. No proxy or postal voting is allowed in the AGM.

Kind Regards,

Hari Chillapa

General Secretary

Western Australia Telugu Association (Inc.)


Notice of the AGM 2015 and Agenda | Notice of Elections | Nomination Form


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WATA President

Shyam Ambati


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